Hi I’m Phoebe! I am a multi-disciplinary artist from the North East of England.

My main drive is to create work that relates to nature, self expression and freedom. So, for my final collection I wanted to create pieces that were loose and let the body move, as well as bright and layered to give the wearer options when styling the collection. I’m super keen to evolve the fashion industry, so prioritise non-standard size models for fittings and use lots of scrap and donated fabrics when I can, to reduce waste. I created a patchwork silk dress and a leather jacket which were made entirely of scrap fabrics. As someone who loves slower paced life and the outdoors, I am drawn to traditional hand crafts, such as hand sewing and leather work, this gives my work more of a unique twist and I really enjoy doing it! I love expressing myself through meditative drawing in my sketchbooks. These pages often turn into print designs I use for my garments in the screen printing room at KSA, where I’ve been able to fully experiment with different printing techniques and master styles to use in my final collection.