Graphic Designer, collaborative worker and conceptual thinker. Aiming to connect audiences to complex ideas and ambitions, through approachable mediums and visuals.


    *AWOL Collective* A portable, interchangeable exhibition space, paired with an issue box exploring alternative ways of living, with a focus on Eel Pie Island.

    *Working (Wo)mxn’s Club* A collaborative research space designed to promote conversation about female inclusivity in the graphic design industry, as well as giving students a platform to converse with industry professionals. Design studios will receive a journal edited by the students at Kingston School of Art to add their thoughts to, and a postcard to pass on.

    *Patch Together* Textile dying accounts for 20% of all global water pollution. Patch Together encourages fashion consumers to join a community of natural dyers in upcycling their clothes. Patch Together exists as a subscription in which the subscribers receive seeds and an instruction manual to start a dye garden, using Instagram features as a promotion tool.

    *Something in the Air* Pointing towards a more meteorological art & a greater consciousness of atmosphere. The package publishes my dissertation as a do-it style instruction, encouraging users to read my dissertation whilst cyanotyping their immediate environment. The cyanotypes, made by different people’s atmospheres, will exist in an outdoor collaborative exhibition.