Phoebe Ryall is an illustrator and animator whose work focuses on narrative storytelling and authorial documentation. By utilising a range of mediums to create short-form comics and 2D animations, she explores reinterpreting the mudane to find new ways of representing stories – whether it be a 4 panel comic about feeling guilt-tripped into reusing every single last vegetable scrap that ever existed, or a short film using the tangible form of fossils to explore her father’s relationship with farming.

‘Hank is a Wiretapper’ is a piece of narrative storytelling adapted from a short story written by Phoebe. Currently existing a short-form piece of animation, she hopes to explore this work further to adapt the rest of the Hank’s story. For this film, composer Jack Goodenough weaves an electric score which haunts Hank’s foreboding journey.

‘Hank is a Wiretapper’ follows an Hank, an office worker stuck in a seemingly boring everyday routine of listening in to phonecalls.