Hello, I’m Polina. My practice is mainly being driven by intuition and constant exploration of myself, that is happening through challenging projects. Typography and is one of the main means I use to work through those, while embracing honest, collaborative and non-exclusive design with a sensitive approach.

> Walk Their Walk is a tool designed to achieve a better understanding of the possible connection between climate change and sexual health issues, as well as gender rights and equality, using very specific scenarios that involve women and girls in developing countries.

> Blah Blah Blah Reader and Workshop was created in response to Paula Scher’s article ‘The Boat’, in which she describes her annoyance at being labelled a “female designer”. We investigated the concept of identity, and how this can be flattened in the design industry to fit “the mythical norm”. Blah Blah Blah is an opportunity to think about your personal identity and how it has shaped your experience in the design field.

Granitsa Sans is a typeface where the process plays the main role in its identity. It started its journey from the Cyrillic character set rather than Latin. Translating from Russian to English as border, it communicates how the design plays on the border of Latin and Cyrillic scripts, informing each other rather than existing separately. Designing this typeface was part of me getting more acceptive of my cultural identity as an international student and an immigrant.

Brands in the Age of Activism is a publication of my dissertation on the comparison between Russian and Western markets in the context of LGBT activism. This publication talks about the intolerance of society and the cultural differences. Talking about trust, standing for ideals and betraying them, this publication delicately but boldly raises the sensitive question of what do we do when we have got ‘there’ but some of us haven’t?

Embracing honest, collaborative and non-exclusive design with a sensitive approach.