Incognegro – Can You See Me? Ratiba Ayadi ft. Silent Songstress


Performance Film


A mental projection of digital self. This performance film enacts a digital lamentation adjacent to a sacrificial performance.  In reflection upon identity feeling a myriad of being next to feeling like absolutely nothing – understanding that fragmented oral histories displace your grounding of self. Through vocal inquiry archival gaps are hollowed into this digital space. Disparate and congruent vocals dispose into the black screen. Blackness in its vacuum of all being after non-being – immortal. Sharing the necessity of meta-erasure of self in relation to time and knowing to become the collateral descendent of embodied digital space itself.

This work exists in digital space as a sonic and performative conversation between Ratiba Ayadi and Silent Songstress around the sacrifice of being one. They are a hybrid entity that speak of investigation’s into extensions of space. While being enraptured by a black mirage to revel in the ambiguity in baring the soul while embodying nothing at all. Silent Songstress is an entity or thing that can move through and between studies of self through vocal and physical inquiry. Berthed in the speculation of identity in the diaspora – sonically they exist together as a duplicity of being – a bridge between worlds. In collaborative works they tap into frequencies of alternate lifelines mirroring the suffocation of separation – as a result of oppression – they channel emotive melodies with otherworldly lyric. As an excavation and a return to knowledge from the dark.

Ratiba Ayadi is a composer, producer, sound and performance artist whose work takes on forms of spiritual and physical practice. By these means, her body becomes a vessel with which to explore the quiddities of every-day life when balanced with the possibilities of the alternate, divine world.

Group Works