“As architects we project into the future, but the act of projection inevitably involves anassemblage of fragments from the past. The role of an architect is to understand the past – the precedent and(re)interpret it for the present and the future”

The University of Ibadan Campus has many influential buildings built by Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew. However, these buildings have weathered over time and may not be fit for the current increase of population of students and staff on the campus today. In order to meet the campuses new demands, the current accommodation buildings will be updated as well as the addition of several other buildings.

The Development consists of renovation to the existing accommodation buildings with an updated exterior as well as interior. A further addition is new buildings required to meet the demand of the growing student population as well as including spaces for temporary staff to reside in. These new additions are a brand new dining hall used to accommodate 200 student at a time in the centre of the compound. A new entrance has been made along with a small porters lodge to provide safety for the campus.

The development offers a mix of unit sizes and room provisions. Maisonettes designed for professors who are staying temporarily with family but still allows them to feel welcomed.

All places are the manifestation of a person’s thoughts and ideas coming to fruition. A place can exhibit its creator’s dreams and ideologies while taking on other meanings through the people who inhabit it.  We can use architecture today to shape and form communities upholding and keeping their traditions and heritage.