Social media is a platform and has become a vital aspect of our lives in this day and age. It has established a platform that allows users to connect and communicate with others all over the world in real time (e.g. internet).

Social media has a number of other implications on its users’ health and well-being. Such as addiction, comparing our lives to those of others on social media, we also become agitated or unhappy and there are a number of cyberbullying happening on social media (e.g. Instagram, Twitter). Excessive usage of social media causes a number of illnesses and has negative effects such as anxiety, depression, a lack of self-image, a low self-esteem, and many other psychological disorders. 

For my final major project, I created a 2D animation titled Until Dawn. The animation explores how social media use can harm and damage our mental health, how the individual’s self-perceptions are influenced by their use of social networking sites, and the pressure to maintain a certain image of oneself.