“When’s a Door Not a Door?”


When is a door not a door? When it’s a portal. When it’s a threshold. When it’s a when it’s a marker of change. When it’s a jar.


The installation video piece transports you, in a loop, through time as you move from one liminal space to the next. Memories of serendipitous moments appear and disappear between blinks, like a wondering conscious mind.  The work confronts the question: “where does our mind go when it’s not in the present moment?”. Running audio of a train journey plays in the background; a lone man spews his collected knowledge on mental illness, pharmaceutical companies, and the Gods, while a girl sat nearby has her crying mistook for laughing before being offered a tissue. It’s collaged with recorded moments read by a quantum physicist, Tantric spiritualist, and Kabbalist magician; the words play like passing thoughts, discussing the origins of light and unity of all things. The hypnotic loop is a visual diary of life from the water, always in transit, never settling in a stationary place. It’s projected onto a draped piece of fluid, translucent, fabric that’s attached to the empty frame of a door- a watery opening to a non-space. Beneath it, sits a jar of water and a burning incense cone in a clay pot. The smoke marks the light of the projection, the light that’s as old as time itself. The sitting items represent the four elements: fire, air, water, and earth.