Rowan is a mixed media animator utilising unusual textures and materials to blend 2D and 3D environments into one. His animations have strong narratives, focused on the human condition, evoking deep reactions within. A strong social and environmental ethos is evident in his work, these are backed up with creative visual metaphors.

With a background in graffiti and street art, photography and fine art painting Rowan has a keen eye for creating compositions and convincing environments. Having always been a maker and a lover of many different art practices he has found ways to utilise all his skills, never compromising his vision.

Badger Paradise is about a bachelor badger caught up in the city life ‘rat race’. He is so far removed from his roots and his natural habitat that he fails to recognise how much of a toll his lifestyle is having on him. Will he find a way to break the cycle and reconnect to nature?