My project is a study of the uniqueness and colour of shadows. A shadow is something unique to each person, there will not be any shadows in the world that can overlap because the shape of each object, the angle and intensity of the light they find is different. And because there is light there is a shadow, and light comes from a lamp or the sun, everything that is real has a shadow. I think the significance of the shadow is that it only appears behind the light, making the shadow feel like the closest companion, but in the shadowy in side the shadow becomes itself. Shadows are essentially blue. This means that blue is the general colour of most shadows. Most of us think of shadows as being black, however black is a neutral colour. The shade is actually blue in tone. I have used pvc panels to prove that light passes through coloured transparent objects and that shadows can be coloured.

    The shadow is a part that cannot be ignored, it appears anywhere with different colours in different shapes. So when you see a shadow, please give it a hello!