a theatre for peckham

The studio agenda is to design a theatre in Peckham which aims to ‘raise the curtains’ for a demographic less represented within the theatre industry. Peckham is a borough bursting in cultural diversity – a hub for a variety of communities, however, within the borough, there are issues related to income deprivation and social inequality. In the theatre industry there is also inequality in the representation of minorities, which is perhaps one of the various reasons why theatre is quite uncommon amongst the demographic which makes up Peckham.

Studio 3.1 explored ideas on ‘how can the stereotype of the typical theatre-goer be changed?’ and ‘how can the proposed theatre for Peckham draw in the borough’s diverse population and break this stereotype?’

I responded to the brief by designing a theatre which appeals to a younger audience. Children are always playing make-believe, which can be considered a form of theatre, so a space where they can widen their imagination and improve their confidence would not only be beneficial to the community, but it will also help to bring a wide-range of families to the theatre. Breaking down the idea that the theatre can seem intimidating, the Peckham Playhouse is a small community theatre which makes use of the existing building.