Throughout the final year of my degree, I have noticed a progression within my work that signals not only towards an exploration of media but new methods of storytelling I had not typically used or considered before. In the beginning, whilst in Sweden for the summer, I began experimenting with natural dyes as part of my practice. This led into taking on the medium of painting, something I had rarely introduced into my work before; in both retrieving the materials and making the paint from natural resources, I began to feel more connected to nature and with-it similar memories as part of my childhood and my identity within the natural image of Sweden.

This translated into my return to England to start the new and final academic year. Reaching the end of summer, I took what I could of the final bloom and continued to make natural dyes, depicting stories of fantasy, femininity and memory within their imagery and material. Using painting as a means of storytelling, these then began being viewed outside of a gallery space and like the impermanence of the material instead could be used as impermanent backdrops for films or photographs. Working from these, my practice gravitated towards my already mobile interest in costume design in which these two could culminate.

My practice has since centered around bringing different methods of storytelling together through textile, painting, photography and installation. Working in a variety of mediums has also allowed me to explore the artistic labour that has gone into the work as these now formulate into a circus narrative entitled Lusu Naturia for the final degree show.

Sadie Rain Hall (b. 1998) works within a multidisciplinary practice centring around methods of storytelling, primarily through costume and set design.

Group Works