Sadie has spent her time at Kingston developing her practice in many ways, including printing, woodworking, embroidery, and bookbinding and hopes to continue to learn new processes after university. Her latest project, The Creation of Shadows, a picture book which tells a fantastical story of how shadows were created brings together her love of prints, bookbinding, and narration. The visuals for the book were made with a mixture of cyanotype prints and ink paintings collaged together digitally to create the 32-page book. The book is currently free to read via her website.

Another piece of work shown here is Show Us What You’re Made Of, a prop created for the concept of representing who you are as a maker. For this, she created an apothecary chest with small bottles filled with aspects of her personality or something related to my practice. This piece is really a combination of skills that she has gained over the last three years.

An important part of Sadie’s process is keeping sketchbooks, she uses it as a visual diary and often tries to capture lighting in interesting ways.

Sadie’s work is multidisciplinary, with a focus on traditional illustration. Her work is often inspired by locations, recorded through sketchbooks, and building narratives based on places. She is interested in mythology which can often be found when looking at locations as well as the idea of how myths function within art.