This documentary project talks about North Korea refugee’s issues who live in New Malden, UK. The title, ‘Same time, different us’ is the ironic metaphorical and this project idea’s beginning point is the ongoing refugee crises of the present day.

The goal is to analyze the issues of how people look at each other and coexist as specific past groups (defector North Koreans) and to understand the existence of ‘refugees’ as ‘people’ rather than broadly recognizing them as a specific group outside of national boundaries. In the documentary, the producer talks about her personal family issues which related with North Korea defector’s life. Also, after when she came to the UK, try to meet North Korea refugee who are settle their life in the UK, and with these kinds of investigate and interview with people who is related with human rights area of North Korean, she records how can be possible to change her preconception of North Korean.