Go with the Flow – a journey exploring the Thames with particular focus on Hampton Court to Kingston and the communities and those who use the Thames. My final piece is about a 90 year old man who has walked daily along the Thames Footpath for the last 14 years. His story embodies my findings about the Thames – showing no matter your age, background or when you were born the Thames provides constancy. They are both long-lived, inspirational, reliable, constant.

On my journey I have looked at many aspects including Thames art, wildlife, pollution and from Hampton to Kingston have spoken to many people who use the river or it’s banks for sport, recreation and often most importantly their mental health. I have found that most people use the river in a pair or group increasing the sociability of their activity.

The uplifting story of a 90 year old man who has walked the Thames towpath daily, for the last 14 years from Hampton Court to Kingston.