My Installation is called Shins and is an interactive work that focuses on expression through art. The title Shins was taken from a poem I previously wrote called ‘Shell never Know’ and links to my theme of poetry which runs throughout the work. Individuals will be able to read handmade books which were created from a previous exhibition ‘We are Still Here 2022. ‘ Audience members will be able to scan QR codes which can be found scattered throughout the work which links to various different poems written. My work closely links to the idea of Art therapy and using different artistic techniques to help individuals express themselves. There is also an interactive workshop where members of the audience will be able to come up and write unique poems and slip entries into an anonymous box allowing people to express themselves in a comforting and calming environment. Bird sounds will play in the background and fidget toys will be available to play with and touch to create a more sensory and tactile environment.

    I wanted to create this sensory environment, as after University I plan on pursuing a career in Art therapy. The feedback from previous workshops and performances has allowed me to grow the idea of an installation and build a space in which I can facilitate workshops helping people to express emotions through art. As a person, I’m very in touch with how others are feeling and am always open to seeing the world through a different lens, which is why I think art therapy is a good career path. Hopefully, my installations will grow and travel and benefit different people from all walks of life.

    Shins is an Installation that brings together various sensory elements to create a space where audience members can interact in a comforting environment.

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