Project name: Important but not necessary
I have always liked Yang Liping’s peacock dance, and I admire her spirit of dance. At the same time, Yang Liping is also called “Peacock Princess” in China, but I have seen many times on the Internet that she is not married and childless. There was some controversy about her. Some people say that “the biggest failure of a woman’s life is that when she grows old, there is no one to accompany you and no children.” At that time, when I saw it, I felt that not getting married and not having children does not mean failure, marriage is indeed important for a woman, but it is not necessary, it is more like a spice in life, not a necessity. Most women in today’s society are very independent. Although they sometimes have a weak side, just like the peacock dance shown by teacher Yang Liping, the dance is sometimes soft and sometimes firm, and it is a combination of hardness and softness. Many times women are able to face some difficulties in life alone, and many times they can be alone. And you don’t have to marry someone else, you can also marry your own dream, insist on what you yearn for, and pay for what you insist on. Similarly, a wedding dress is not only worn when you marry someone else, but you can also wear it for yourself. I think it is actually a kind of happiness to do what you want to do, to be firm in your choice, and not to care about other people’s opinions. This is also one of the things I admire about Teacher Yang Liping. She has been insisting on being herself .

Some details and textiles of the clothing extract some of the movement characteristics of the peacock dance and the peacock, and also combine some elements of men’s suits and traditional wedding dresses , which also incorporates some ethnic elements in the modern style.