My inspiration came from the fact that many of my friends were talking about insomnia during that time, but I didn’t. So I wanted to help them heal insomnia in my way. I observed  myself  and noticed a change in the colours  I chose for the objects around  me, so I guessed that colours would have a certain effect on people ‘s psychology . After a series of preliminary  investigations , I have learned about different types of insomnia . As a designer, I can play a certain role in visual, tactile and auditory aspects without drugs. So I watched a movie have a title” Healing Movie” and found that the choice of brightness and saturation  in it could  achieve  a relaxing effect. I began to formally study the different effects of colour on people in psychology , and also made relevant questionnaire surveys. However, insomnia is not caused by a single reason, people of different genders, different ages and different professions have different  troubles about insomnia . Therefore, I can only select. several  common types from them for research . Others, for example, offer medical explanation  for the healthiest way to sleep, since many people are unable to sleep because of physical pain. So in my final design, there are also some important  parts that support  the body to keep it healthy. In addition, some people’s choice of comforters in pajamas and sheets became  my research  part, which was also used in the final design.

I hope my work can heal some people who suffer from insomnia , no matter when wearing this dress or just seeing it can make them feel happy  and relaxed, this is the effect I want.

The last, Stop Thinking  Just Feel

Have a good sleep guys!

Stop Thinking

Just Feel

Have a good sleep guys!