My collection between Heaven and Earth is in relation within myself, my mother, my sister and to be accepted no matter who you are.  We live and breathe, in fragments rather than peace. Where we complicate each other’s lives.

    In my collection, I investigate the silhouette of Rai attire and dive deep into my cultural boundaries, breaking it down into shapes, details, building and dismantling. Parts in which women are urged to cover up and categorising clothing to fit the societies perception.

    I experiment with elements like metal and fabrication to reflect story behind each look. Every detail that has been put on the garment has it’s own story. For example, using weighed button to feel and bare the weight of how much a small, weighed button can be impactful. Only a wearer can comment on. So many more details that I have considered thinking about the people who have made an impression in my life. In a repressive society, finding peace and freedom is hard. However, I aim to make clothes not just to make them. But to have the same level of appreciation as a piece of art, most importantly to appreciate yourself.