My project started with the topic of instructions. I was initially interested in how changing different elements of an instruction can greatly impact the outcome. I started questioning how instructions can be used for learning new skills / hobbies. Through my research I began to focus on contemporary / conceptual art. I discovered people find it difficult to get started in making art.  I became insterested in how using ambiguous language in instruction can be a great tool for engaging the creative mind. I have found out how using vague language can make a person respond with much greater freedom and own creative thought.

    I wanted to try and create the shortest most simple form of instruction so I created a random instruction generator which makes random instructions only using a verb, a noun and a middle word. These 3 word instructions tend to be very obscure / vague which I think is great when people need some inspiration for their creativity as it leaves enough room for interpretation but also provides some sense of direction. I designed a series of cards which contained some of the various random instructions. On the back of the cards is a message on where to share your response to the instruction on social media and also a sentence on how instructions are useful. I decided to give people some of the random instructions and collate everyones responses in a film and on #randominstruction on Instagram as I think this is a great way to inspire more ideas and creation.