The Fabrication Lab is a creative space dedicated to helping individuals develop skills and inspiration by repurposing existing materials and waste to create new goods by recycling old contemporary furniture. This also contributes to the growth of Silvertown’s maker community by allowing individuals to connect and collaborate on projects with new people, acquire new skills, and obtain certifications.

The Silo D was transformed into a cultural and creative hub in order to assist the most vulnerable and to promote a healthy, dynamic, and sustainable community that benefits everybody. The creative hub will include a fab lab as well as a traditional wood workshop for repairing contemporary wooden furniture, as well as new job possibilities for locals. Private studios are also available for rent in the main tower’s higher levels at a reasonable price for creatives. This project also planned to turn a massive abandoned local structure into an inventive centre with educational, prototyping, and manufacturing facilities.

The new geometry is presented, in which I purposefully positioned the new expansion of the wood workshop towards the dock, allowing all workers to have a pleasant view while working on their projects. The main entry, which has a CLT canopy, is inclined to match the geometry of the wood workshop. This then leads to a store or showroom where new recycled furniture can be purchased. Between the shop and this vast wood workshop space on the ground level, guests can observe how the furniture is manufactured through this wide windows.