My practice incorporates exploration of various digital mediums such as film, animation, sound and music softwares to investigate how space and sound can be used as a tool to defeat psychological time. Unintentionally mirroring and nurturing the aggressive traits while growing up in a turbulent household has a profound effect in my adulthood which feels like an inextricable thread very hard to break through. I believe such events that have occured in the past have brought me an identity that I keep on associating myself with. By researching the theory of Sigmund Freud, I aim to understand the link between the mind (conscious, preconscious and unconscious) and human behaviour as a passage to break away from mind-identification. 

Upon investigation, I became fascinated by the Tantric Art  which visually depicts an egoless practice representing deities and mystic force in the form of geometric symbols, initiated in the fifth or sixth century. The mysterious, hypnotic and joyful abstract modernism-like paintings that were found in Rajasthan (17th- Century) were meditated upon for mental elevation. Inspired by the essence of simple forms, I intend to incorporate symbols such as dancing arrows and joyful blue colour as an embodiment of consciousness.

”The less you about certain mediums, the less you are unaware of the rules of how it is supposed to be done, the more you start to innovate and create.”

Group Works