My project ‘You look quite uncomfortable!’ explores the range of things we interact with, engage in and take part in to make us seem or be ‘better’ within society. Throughout this project, I have explored the broad concept of beauty standards; why we have them and why do we give into them? When does engaging in beauty standards go too far? Social Media also plays a big part in beauty standards as well as the dynamics of hierarchy and status, playing a big role in my project. Wanting, appearing or being ‘better’ than others within society done through projection of one’s self, proving who you are and your place in the hierarchy of status and an individual.I also looked at the opposite end of the spectrum of situations in which the individual is not always wanted- the uniform. The uniform makes us blend in within a group and become part of something bigger. With the uniform, the hierarchy is less visible.


    Within hierarchy and status, there is also power. I decided to explore this through the language of laws and contracts and how they can put you in a situation where you hold or you are under power or authority. Through this, I went onto exploring language and actions that we do that are considered ‘binding’, and applied such to how we view and see contracts.