Sustainability is incredibly important to me. A continuing theme I always prioritise in my practice is the significance of ecology and the environment, alongside the issues relating to these within our current society. We are living in a ‘waste age’, often due to lack of awareness, knowledge and overall carelessness. Collectively, we are unintentionally worsening the health of our planet and consequently climate change has reached an irreversible, devastating state which certainly cannot be fixed but can be improved; these extremities must now be taken seriously and tackled efficiently. As a young female artist, I believe presenting existing environmental issues in a physical contemporary form can encourage urgent change to benefit our ecosystem before it is too late.

I produce work with found materials in various ways to glorify them and give them a new life. For example, installation work, castings, assemblages and changing the form and physical appearance of objects; this gives the materials a sense of permanence, highlights their significance and visually demonstrates the concerns regarding our environment.