The Bottleneck Houses // Mati Flis K1910355

My project is a distilled encapsulation of the iconography of Islay, a small whiskey distillery island located west of mainland Scotland.  The brief was to create something that was suitable for the island and needed there. In my research, I found the lack of housing to be a significant issue. Therefore, I centred my project around it and created a set of modular units that can easily be placed around the island and built by the average builder to minimise construction costs. The design is made to be easily adaptable to change, so throughout its lifetime, the building can adapt to the lifestyle changes of the inhabitants. Its overall appearance and scale are based on what’s already on Islay, meaning key features such as the bottleneck side profile, white exterior colour and simple facades.  Internally, the houses are a simple timber finish to allow for as much blank canvas for the user as possible so they can decorate it as they prefer.

A minimalistic project catering to the housing need of Islay, demonstrating its heritage within the monolithic design.