My project is titled “The Need for Novelty’, where I looked into all things kitsch, camp, novel, eccentric and artificial in order to get to the bottom of some of my seemingly unanswerable questions about our inherent infatuation with all things novel.

My project is focused on exaggerated scale and satire, and  it questions if novelty is necessary, because although the definition is very subjective, is a necessity in order to live a fulfilling life, no matter your profession. Novelty items, and by an extension miniatures have been proven to improve mental health and creativity, and require dexterity and extreme precision to make – skills which many people in ‘serious professions’ such as medicine are losing due to the decreasing popularity of craft based hobbies.

For my final piece, I made a series of three tools which I have named ‘The Perfectionist’s Means to Precision’. It is a set of tools that enables the user to easily complete the most ridiculous tasks to a level of perfection, consisting of a stamp for painting tight corners, a strawberry slicer and a stencil for putting stamps on envelopes completely straight.

Process imagery of key experimentation which helped shape my FMP.