Nowadays,some people would edit or airbrush their selfies and even take a flattering photo of themselves by over editing. Editing software and apps are emerging in an endless variety. We could easily add a filter to the photograph or use tools to edit photos to enhace its aesthetic qualities. (Rettberg andJill, W Seeing Ourselves Through Technology p25 ) This has become a common phenomenon. The essential difference between this behavior and make-up is that it modifies the appearance or image of people in the photo, not people themselves. Its functions are considerably powerful, including slimming, enlarging or shrinking body parts, changing colors, etc. I will explain it in detail in the follow-up practice.


I completed my final major project researching “The phenomenon and influence of editing selfies”. As an over edited girl, I made a documentary called ‘The Over Editing Girl’ and narrated it from a first person perspective. In order to let people have a more comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon and make reflection. ‘The Over Editing Girl’ shares the process, the reasons and the impactof editing selfies, including psychological aspects. And limitations select a part of interviewees to share everyone’s different attitudes and views on this phenomenon.