The Touch Clinic

As we move towards the commonly imagined future of a technology driven society, and creation of virtual worlds, what would the ramification of this reality be?

This would most definitely result in the reduction in physical human interactions, possibly leading to a civilisation starved of touch. Touch is part of what makes us human and without it there are proven health consequences.

In response, Touch clinics are set up to diagnose forms of touch deprivation, prescribing specially calibrated tools which are taken home by the patient, to be used routinely, providing the valuable sensory stimulation the patient needs. Each tool’s design is based on research into therapy apparatus currently used to treat tactile sensory disorders, they can be stimulating and calming and can provide a variety of pressures and sensations to soothe anxiety, fear or stress caused due to lack of touch. These quality crafted sensory tools include a natural fibre brush ball, steel weighted prickly tools and pressure tools made from stone.

James Woods

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The Touch Clinic probes the question of how changing society behaviour due to technological advancements might affect us in the future. Provoking consideration whether changing behaviour in the short term can avoid the drastic need for Touch Clinics.