Howdy, my name is Tilia. My practice facilitates conversation, from the social, to the critical. Imaginative and concept lead problem solving forms the approach to my projects, and I enjoy using a variety of mediums to communicate ideas. I am an expansive and playful researcher, always looking to learn new things, and I work by the Code of the West. *

> Play Station transforms smaller and more rural train stations into community hubs by using stories, memories, and recommendations from locals to create maps of insider knowledge. This celebrates the station’s community whilst providing visitors with inspiration for days trips. From the best coffee to the best walk.

> The publishing of my dissertation: Yeehaw! An exploration into the reappropriation and remythologisation of the cowboy image in contemporary culture, was achieved by creating an exhibition. Visitors are invited to interrogate the cowboy though it’s prolific imagery and its role in aspects of American identity. Reimagining what he signifies.

> Blah Blah Blah was created in response to Paula Scher’s 1990s letter on being labelled as a female designer. Blah Blah Blah is a design reader consisting of collated texts on identity. Designed to encourage reflection upon designers’ own experience in the field and how it may have been informed by their identity. It is accompanied by an ink-based workshop in which critical discussion is invited between designers through the tangible expression of identity within design.


* Live each day with courage – Take pride in your work – Always finish what you start – Do what has to be done – Be tough but fair – Keep your promises – Ride for the brand – Talk less say more – Some things aren’t for sale – Know where to draw the line.

An expansive and playful researcher, always looking to learn new things, who works by the Code of the West. *