I am a person suffering from intrusive thoughts, in this project, I designed a sharp silhouette with a sense of conflict clothes to express the concept of intrusive thoughts. By creating a character who is troubled by intrusive thoughts and giving him a costume to express the process from a calm state to the brain being invaded and dissipated by violent and bloody thoughts, In my opinion, intrusive thinking is the contemporary Viennese action school. Compared to the radicalism of the art movement and some acts of self-harm, intrusive thought is more like a kind of energy existing in the brain.
Historical Movements Towards Later Some Behavioral Arts The artist had a profound impact, which inspired Their exploration of the boundaries of the body, how? Breaking the taboos of the body, and how to make the body.The power of the body was released. In the present day suffering from intrusive thoughts in context The people who are suffering, their Is thinking like the Vienna operation of the time?As if some of the forces inside of us Repressed, I tried to find one of the two The connection between… Intrusive thoughts will come and go with the stream of consciousness. Most of the time it will only stay in the mind for a few seconds, but this time is scary. I try to visualize this process to get a specific  garment (that is, the sense of intrusion and insertion) using some geometric abstract structure and the existing design language of clothing to create a suit with a sharp silhouette.

I think this feeling quotes Alto’s description as “in an extremely familiar situation, a space in the audience’s heart is opened by a strange light.” In the 1938 book Theatre and Its Reconfiguration