The theme of my project is to have romance and lose romance, which means that in this era it belongs to fast-food love. Many people will lose romance and self-confidence, and they will be unhappy every day. Just like me, I was unhappy and unconfident last year. , I even suffered from depression all night with insomnia, but now I have really found my own love, which makes me confident and happy, so we should reject fast-food love and self-confidence in love. In the early stage, our city conducted research on flower language, because I read a book about flower language, which explained the different meanings and interpretations of each flower for romance. At the beginning, I made a questionnaire to ask which flower you think is romantic, and what kind of flower do you think is romantic? When you get love and how it feels to lose love, the final survey results, most people think of romance, the first flower that comes to mind is roses, so I started with roses. Different colors of roses also have different meanings. I think red roses have the strongest visual effect and can intuitively make people feel my theme. I designed and used withered roses and blooming roses to complete the work, with face modification, real flowers, and flower shape completion