TRY YOUR LUCK, down on the farm

I mainly work either with collage or three dimensional sculptural forms. Most recently I have been using found materials from a collection of disused farm buildings to build three dimensional sculptures. These artworks have mainly been situated within the site of the farm, for example attached to buildings or trees or fences on site. During the last few months I have begun to use traditional sign writing in order to bring together different ideas into my sculptural work. My main themes have been capitalism, farming as an economic model and similarities between farming and other sorts of economic activity that carries risk such as gambling.

I am influenced particularly by second wave feminist artists and some contemporary artists who’s works make visible some of the underlying social structures which advantage or disadvantage different groups. Rose Finn-Kelcey is a distant relative and i have ben strongly influenced by her work since my parents moved from central Bristol to rural Hampshire during lockdown. In terms of theory I make most reference to Marxism. For example I have increasingly found that my art is addressing issues such as inequality of opportunity, economic inequality and the ways in which certain groups are either marginalised or favoured by contemporary politics.

Group Works