My photographic practice is driven by street photography and portraiture. It is a way of expressing myself and finding emotional resonance. I hope to make a contribution to the history of street photography.

My work attempts to create street images that look like they have been painted in watercolour; abstract compositions with subtle colours and lyrical, narrative imagery. The resulting images aim to compress the layers of space between the distant and the close up into a flat canvas, imbuing it with emotion and poetry. The mysterious everyday life, the quiet elegance of the street scenes and the almost ukiyo-e like compositions are all expressions of their unique world.

Since arriving in London in 2019, I have been fascinated by the artistic expression of painting and philosophical thought. Using my expertise in photography to show my respect for images, I have tried to apply the techniques of painting to photography, both in terms of composition and creative style. London, in my eyes, is a fast and blurred dynamic impression. Like the capital of an ancient and vast colonial empire, I try to expose the city’s beauty in this young, burgeoning age.

In this series, ‘Loneliness on Film’, I try to convey the essence of loneliness in photographs. Lonely people often long for human contact, but their mindset makes it more challenging to connect with others. Loneliness does not necessarily mean being physically alone, it is instead more of a psychological state. In other words, loneliness is at once an ability to face yourself and a process of exploring yourself.

Photography is derived from painting, and I think these origins are something I try to capture and return to through my photos.