I tend to be drawn to material explorations in my work most recently I have been looking at materials which I feel have a performance/transformative aspect to them. In previous work I started to look at the idea of performative sculpture by making my destroys piece which was a wire frame wrapped in dissolvable fabric which was washed away in the act of it being destroyed. In my current exploration I have been looking at trapping a process/transformation in a material, for this I started to look at pouring wax into bubbles to trap the bubbles in a more permanent material, these works then developed into pewter casts of bubbles which I have combined with a sound piece featuring noises of the process such as the wax/metal pouring and bubbles popping, to bring a sense of movement back into the sculptural works.

I have been making work with the intention of capturing a transformation in material. In these images I have shown my sculptural outcomes and process, made by pouring wax into bubbles, casting in pewter and casting from my body in plaster.