My name is Wenjie Zhu, i am a Chinese student who is studying in Kingston University in London now. My postgraduate study is Project Management for Creative Practitioners.

Now i want to show you  a project about building a Tea Drinking brand – Tea Lounge. It is my postgraduate project and also a brand that I would like to develop in the future. In this project, i worked with my classmates (Keyi Li  and Yuen) and we using Agile Scrum and Design Thinking as methodologies to support our work.

The brand focuses on the culture of Chinese tea making, but will be combined with other traditional Chinese cultures, such as flower arrangement, lacquer art, and one of the intangible cultural heritage techniques of copper forging. And the brand concept focuses on the use of tea as a behavioral medium, integrating various Chinese cultures in the process of building the product and brand image, creating a cultural union to enrich the consumer experience, and to spread and recover various cultures.

A Tea drinking brand design and A Pop-up shop design. (Creating by using Agile Scrum and Design Thinking methodologies)