This short film is about a man who has trouble coping with the real world and uses a VR device to create a “perfect” image of himself in the virtual world. First, he enjoys all the excitement and all the attention. But the huge contrast between reality and virtual makes him gradually start to loathe his life and wants to live only in the virtual world every day. Eventually, he spends all his savings in the virtual world and is so deep in it that he cannot extricate himself from it.

The genesis of the project was that over the last decade the internet has evolved into an ever-changing place that has changed the way we interact. Sites like Facebook and Instagram have come to be considered must-haves. People are spending more and more of their time and energy on these social networks. I wanted to explore this topic. It is crucial to ensure that we can step out of online socialising and re-engage in conversations with others to build stronger relationships.

I hope to show the harmful effects of over-reliance on social networks through this short film. To warn people to be more rational and moderate in their use of social networks. It will help people participate in the real world with a more positive mindset.